Can we all agree that when it comes to trade shows, bigger isn’t better?

Hey.  We need to talk.  Seriously, stop wasting valuable time and money.  Standing in cab and buyer registration lines and sorting through a huge trade show hall is crazy!  Finally, listen to all of those wise people who have been telling you to try the Chicago Collective.  We both know you won’t regret it.

We have a lot in common. 

Like you, our goal is not to be the biggest player in the game.  We believe bigger isn’t better.  Bigger is just, well, bigger.  We edit our exhibitor offering so that you don’t have to sort through irrelevant brands.  You can shop every one of our almost 350 exhibitors (all on one 250,000 square foot floor) and you‘ll find more products than you can possibly write.  It’s a quality versus quantity thing and we are quite proud of it.  Did we mention that we have by far the finest brand roster of any show in North America?  Really, just check out our brand list.

We’ll treat you like you treat YOUR customers. 

We offer discounted hotels (within walking distance) plus a travel rebate that is available to all buyers (take some of that precious time and sign up!).  We have an incredible Opening Night Party each season and each day we offer complimentary morning coffee, lunch, freshly brewed espresso/cappuccino as well as special buyer breaks featuring signature cocktails, a Bloody Mary bar, a fine scotch or bourbon tasting, a great wine or craft beer and much more. 

We consider ourselves to be a hybrid national show with buyers from about 35 states attending each season.  We’re not trying to be all things to all buyers.  We’re not trying to be a huge show.  We just want to be an amazing specialty show for America’s amazing specialty stores.  Like yours. 



We've negotiated discounted rate hotel rooms to make your trip to Chicago affordable. Be sure to book through our travel experts at onPeak. The rooms will sell out. 


Do you want up to $150 back for your travel? onPeak Travel is offering rooms for as low as $215/ night and we are reimbursing you $50/ night. It's that easy! 


It's all about balance. While you're here to work, be sure to check out our famous Opening Night Party, show staple Bloody Mary Bar and more! Cheers!